Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 800 Floor Grinder, both Propane and Electric

The Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 800 Floor Grinder

The Scanmaskin Scan Combiflex 800 Floor Grinder

We take full advantage of the two Scanmaskin machines we own, they are perfect for commercial projects because of the size and durability of the machines. Because we have two Scanmaskin machines we are more efficient, we work larger jobs and we get the job done quicker.


Q: Is the Scanmaskin used for wet or dry surfaces?

A: The machine can be used on wet and dry surfaces.


Q: What types of surfaces can the Scanmaskin be used on?

A: Concrete, terrazzo and natural stone


Q: How long will a job take with this machine?

A: The jobs will varry from each specific location but, just one of the machines has a production rate of around 1000 square feet per hour.


Q: Will there be an issue with dust?

A: There is a durable feature on the machine that eliminates the production of almost all dust.