Q: What is stained concrete flooring?

Concrete stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface producing a fade-resistant, permanent color; unlike some paints or coatings, the color won't flake off or peel away.

Q: Are the products safe that you use to stain the floors?

Yes, when working indoors we always use products that are water based or have low VOCs for your safety.

Q: Can I dye my polished concrete floor?

Yes, dying your polished concrete floor is an option. You can leave the concrete it's natural color or add a dye to the process resulting in a beautiful semi-transparent colored floor. There is a vast array of colors available to choose from.

Q: What design options do I have when polishing my concrete floor?

You can score the concrete to look like large tiles or to add a border. Logos can be scored and dye stained in to the floor for businesses. While most customers choose to keep the floor looking simple and natural, you can get as creative as your heart desires!

Q: What are the benefits of polishing concrete floors?

It's dust free, high gloss, low maintenance, slip resistant and improves light reflectivity.

Q: What are seamless floor coatings?

Seamless floors are floors without seams, ridges or joints. We pour in place resinous coatings like epoxies or urethanes and they become a natural part of a buildings structure. Without the proper floor coating, the porous surface of the bare concrete slab would absorb the substance allowing it to permanently damage or stain the concrete.

Q: What industries are you able to provide seamless floor coatings for?

Any and all industries: commercial, industrial and residential; veterinary, education, fire, rescue & public safety; food & beverage manufacturing, hospitals, aircraft and much more.

Q: Why would I want to coating my garage floor?

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they provide a durable surface that is resistant to heavy equipment, traffic, impacts, stains, cracks and chemical surface abrasions. Our garage floor coatings have a lifetime warranty and are resistant to jet fuel!

Q: What surfaces are you able to power wash?

Any solid vertical or horizontal surface can be cleaned: driveways, porches, patios, home and building exterior, most roofs, wooden surfaces like pergolas and fences, parking lots and garages and commercial fleet.

Q: What are the benefits of power washing?

Our equipment is the best available, we use environmentally safe detergents and de-greasers, up to 250-degree hot water and up to 4000psi to get your surface as clean as possible. A simple pressure washing can make your home or business look new again! You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Q: What type of equipment do you use?

Walk-behind surface cleaning machines, 250-degree hot water for steam clean and high-pressure washing machines up to 4000psi.

Q: What sets you apart from the competition?

We are a family owned and operated husband and wife team. We are involved in every project together making sure our customers are 100% satisfied. It's our name on the line and we stand behind everything we do. If you're not happy we keep working until you are!